William ‘Big Foot’ Wallace, born Lexington, VA.

 As you walk through the streets of downtown  Lexington RRRockbridge_Trail_Mapdiscover our historic pavers. Each  one commemorates a “significant, deceased person in our local history whose work and deeds have left an important, interesting, and/or colorful mark on the Rockbridge community and beyond.”

To learn more about any Righteous or Rascal click on the STORIES tab. There you will find links to short biographies that expand on each paver’s engraved information with details about the person’s life and their connection to Rockbridge County. Also included are maps that direct readers to physical sites associated with that person. 

Please take this opportunity to Create your Legacy: Make a tax deductible contribution toward funding a paver commemorating any Righteous or Rascal –

 Candidates currently available for funding.

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